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How it Happened – the Blogging

After almost a Decade Im driven to write a Blog though the account has been created way back. A angel like friend suddenly popped up and shared her Blog post and it suddenly asked a question why not me ? Can I beat this laziness and I said myself “Yes” and started writing.

With Yuvan’s Music going on the other side in Sun music and my writing continues on and on with the scarce sparrows on my window side with their noise by side. Those are the days when I spend 80rs for an hour to use the Internet in Cyber cafe just for the sake of using the Yahoo messenger for having a great fun in public chat room. Now though the Iphone and internet is there for 24/7 the interest for writing always lagged.

What is Blog ? a Question popped up in mind, why these people always talking about, I have no clue and joined the twitter without much active like most others do. But I found that it got mentioned each and every where as days passed. So I decided let us to do some thing tiny and the came the idea Blog with Micro and understood that the simple things that we do and feel in our daily life is a Blog, so I started..

Even I forgot my Filter coffee at times when I see this peoples different writing and at the side my mom shouts at me “Kapi”. Blogging always fascinated me but never tried to and I speak and shout lot on lots of societal issues but never jump into action physically which always made me feel guilty.

The foremost question always arises in mind ” why is that people from here who settled abroad speak and blog a lot eloquently –  don’t they have any other work or are they the only intelligent people, question emanated from my mind, but then I realized its all smoke and mirrors. Understand – Perception matters !!

Hope Life is having lot in store and I wish that I would write more and more …as the story of blog begins through WordPress inspired by one Shrut(h)i.



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